Software update

OnDemand3D New Release

Thursday, June 13, 2013 2:43:24 AM

We are happy to announce OnDemand3D version has been released! 
Here are just a few examples of our software enhancements and bug fixes. 

New Functions
1. The VOI Overlay has been added under [General Tools] in the MPR Tab.
2. Polish, German validation update.
3. Implant Library has been updated.

BUG Fixes

  • [DBM]
    • When using Import or Export, attachments attached with the [Add Attachment] (e.g X-Report, stl files) are also exported or imported.
  • [X-Report]
    • When using the [Shrink]↔[Expand] mode, the combo selection was reset. The Combo selection location is now saved when switching between modes.
  • [In2Guide]
    • The Sleeve color cannot be changed.
    • Fixed issue of the Nerve Point still showing in the [Cross Surface] pane when the Nerve is turned on/off.
    • The Nerve on/off is applied to all Tabs (even the Verification Tab).
    • Fixed issue of the color change not being applied in the 3D Object window.
  • [ETC]
    • Default maximum module is set to 8 modules, and the order can be changed as well.
    • In the Implant fixture dialog box, the wisdom teeth are exempt from selection, and tooth number is removed.
    • The measured object is visible while drawing the region box using the Capture-"Region" option.
    • The measured object is visible while using the Measure Tool to measure an object.

Please contact us at to update your software to the newest version.

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