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"Integration of 3D Technology" Webinar on the 2nd of October, 2013!

Friday, August 16, 2013 1:06:34 AM

Dr. Rami Gamil, will be holding a Webinar on "Integration of 3D Technology: The Advancements in Today's Dentistry" on the 2nd of October, 2013.  To register for free, please click here. The link will direct you to DentalXP.com, a site hosting webinars on dental education every Wednesday.

A brief summary of Dr. Gamil's upcoming Webinar provided by DentalXP.com:

"In today’s world of digital dentistry with the advent of new technologies to the field, the clinician finds himself daily in front of a vast array of new materials, hardware and software, which necessitates their comprehension and use to ride the wave of digital technologies in dentistry which is mounting into a tsunami. 

So in this Webinar Dr. Gamil will discuss the concept of Total digital solution, and how to understand, integrate and implement it in everyday practice, starting with the phase of scanning: CBCT, Intraoral or in lab optical scanners, face photos, digital models, impression scans and their integration.

Then going through the phase of planning using the acquired data using specialized software, showing the added benefit and amazing potentials and ending with the different type of manufacturing such as: 3D printing, Laser sintering, Milling and their applications and how this pool forms together what we call the total digital solutions and how to be familiar with the workflow, implement and ride this wave of tomorrow becoming a reality today." 

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