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"CBCT 3D Imaging: Advanced Applications and Beyond" Webinar coming up!

Monday, December 16, 2013 7:51:44 AM

Dr. Rami Gamil has another webinar coming up very soon.  The title this time is "CBCT Imaging: Advanced Applications and Beyond". Tune in on January 1st, 2014 to DentalXP.com, where it will be held for 24 hours.

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Here's a brief description, provided by DentalXP.com:

In this interactive webinar Dr. Rami Gamil compares 2D to 3D imaging modalities, CBCT to Fan Beam CT, outlines the basics of 2D MPR navigation through axial, coronal and sagittal sections in CBCT datasets, flythroughs and the techniques of 3D visualization including MIP (Maximum intensity projection) and VR (Volume Rendering) to be able to visualize soft tissue, airways, bone, lesions, impacted teeth, implants, surgical plates, root canal treatments which gives the clinician indispensable tools in his diagnostic armamentarium to be able to efficiently interpret, diagnose and plan taking the guesswork out of this equation. 


Also taking a look into advanced findings related to the TMJ, calcification of Stylohyoid complex, implant complications, fractures and endodontic cases, highlighting the added values of using low dose 3D CBCT scanners for the clinicians.

In addition Dr. Gamil discusses advanced applications in implantology including measuring bone plate thicknesses, soft tissue thickness and biotype in non-invasive methods using lip-roll or lip-lift techniques, simulation of donor and recipient graft volumes. 

Also Dr. Gamil discusses 7 major vital anatomical landmarks in the maxilla and the mandible on 3D models, the CBCT three orthogonal views, anatomical dissections and how to apply this valuable knowledge in the day to day clinical practice whether in planning implants, diagnosing complications or preventing them to optimize clinical success in everyday practice.


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