OnDemand3D Printer

For Digital Dentistry

For Digital Dentistry,
OnDemand3D Printer
  • Fast printing speed
  • High Accuracy
  • Best Digital Solution
  • Easy to use
  • Compatible with Various Materials
  • 50μm High Resolution
Product Leaflet
Type Monochrome LCD 6.1inch
X-Y Resolution 2560 x 1620 / 2K (XY 51um)
Z Resolution 20um ~ 200um
Building Size X 82mm Y 130mm Z 150mm
Light Source 405nm Arrayed LED / 80W
Build Plate Type Leveling Free / Channel Plate
Machine Dimension W 330mm D 300mm H 470mm
Heating Auto Heating Chamber / Light sensor
Weight 17kg
Power AC 110~220, 350W

Compatible with various materials.

Guide stents for implant surgery, temporary teeth, models, models for transparent correction molds, transparent correction devices, denture bases, etc.